Supporting children who are going through the trauma of parental conflict, separation or divorce

Reassuring children that parents are communicating and agreeing to a Parent Working Agreement

Supporting Children

The Parenting Apart Programme can work and support child/ren directly who are going through the trauma of going through conflict.

Through the voluntary participation of the parents attending the Parenting Apart Programme, we are able to, with parents permission, reassure the child/ren involved that the parents are communicating and are agreeing to compile a Parent Working Agreement.

This reassurance allows the child/ren to understand that despite the conflict the parents find themselves in, the child/ren can be reassured that their parents are committed to the programme and by having support to communicate they can honour the feelings of the child/ren.

If directed by the Court, then we are able to offer direct work to the child/ren. The most specific work undertaken is wishes and feelings and re-establishing relationships with the child/ren and the non-resident parent.

This work is crucial to go at the pace of the child/ren with both parents in full acknowledgement of any plans and arrangements for the future.

So grateful for the service which Claire provided for us. She brought me and my daughter’s
mother together so we could start making steps for me to see my daughter again. Father


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