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Social Impact Report 2019

A professionally prepared Social Return on Investment report that analysed the results of the Parenting Apart Programme from 2017-19, evidences that we have delivered over £10.2m of social value. In the year in which the parents attend the programme the social value delivered is over £4.65 million. This works out at £31,649 of social value per couple that separates or divorces. For every £1 spent delivering the programme a SROI of £46.52 was generated. These benefits arise from the voice of the child being heard throughout, as parents place them at the heart of all decisions and take greater responsibility for making these decisions together.

This leads to evidenced benefits:

  • Improved communication skills for parents.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety; relief from anxiety and depression; improved mental health and emotional wellbeing; and reduced isolation for both parents and children.
  • Financial and time savings to parents of avoiding full court process, with associated stress-reduction. 
  • Reduced length of time that a non-resident parent has no contact with their child, which in a court process is typically up to 18 months.
  • Savings for the public purse through court cost savings; mental health services cost savings for children and parents; education sector savings through improved child behaviour; criminal justice savings from reduced involvement in crime and offending; and Social Services savings from not entering the Care System.

During this time period, 294 parents accessed the programme, 85% completed it. Of those who completed, 100% reported reduced stress and anxiety; 100% improved communication; and 45% improved mental wellbeing.

Case Study from Barrister “Allow me to give a recent example of success in a case that The Parenting Apart Programme undertook at my instigation: at the hearing on in December there were significant arguments over residence, schooling, domestic violence, contact and supervision, and extended to bitterness amongst the extended family members. By end of January thanks to the resource of The Programme, the parents had agreed residence, change of schools, the setting aside of domestic violence allegations and the progression of contact in the family home to include the extended paternal family, with additional mid-week contact, not to mention a number of detailed agreements about finances and possessions to which the court process would have struggled to respond. The resource, support, process of The Parenting Apart Programme is invaluable. I only wish I could watch the Family Consultants at work so that I could see how they do it, rather than just seeing the results of their work.”

It is important to note that if you go to court in the future, it is likely that judges will expect you to have started a PWA.

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