Testimonial - Social Worker

Parenting Apart Programme – Seminar Feedback

“Thank you for a positive, common-sense insight into the Parenting Apart Programme. The seminar reminded me of what it takes to achieve positive outcomes for children and their parents. The information shared by the team demonstrated the importance of working together using the key tools created by the Parenting Apart Programme. Evident was the Parenting Apart Programme team’s commitment to openness and honesty between parents, whilst enabling the facilitator to challenge and set achievable targets.

The Parenting Apart Programme’s approach is the answer to many social work departments who are faced with the increased referrals which are essentially unresolved private law matters. These cases are known to consume many social work hours due to acrimonious parents becoming so entrenched in their own needs they lose sight of the needs of the children.

The Parenting Apart Programme presentation of the modules within the training pack is clear and realistic. The seminar created the space for all professionals involved with working with children to pull back and reflect on a ‘better way’ of supporting our children. The Parenting Apart Programme is inspirational and regenerated my interest in achieving positive outcomes with parents and their children.

Thank you!”

June Mckenzie – Social worker