Testimonial - Mother

“The Parenting Apart Programme far exceeded all my expectations. My ex-husband and I had a very poor relationship at the start of the Programme that had been made far worse due to Court Proceedings.

The practitioner was absolutely brilliant. He listened to us both and worked with us to bridge the gap between us for our child’s benefit. We are getting on better as a result.

I liked the practitioner immediately. I felt in ‘safe hands’ and although some of the ‘tasks’ he gave us felt uncomfortable, I felt I could trust him, and the process, to be the best thing for our child. He has a kind and patient manner.

Everything he has said has proved to be correct and he’s enabled us to talk more and ‘co-parent’ and we’ve already seen remarkable results! It is early days, but he has supported us and given us direction to deal with any situation that has arisen.

I wish we had known about this Programme before my ex-husband initiated Court Proceedings. It is far cheaper and far more efficient than Court.

This Programme should be available to all families who are struggling to reach agreements about Child Contact.
My daughter’s anxiety has begun to reduce due to the excellent guidance provided by the practitioner and we all feel in a much more positive place.”