Testimonial - Mother

“The results and outcomes of the Parenting Apart Programme have absolutely blown me away and I never thought in such a short space of time that mine and my ex-partner’s relationship would become the positive and harmonious relationship it is now. The Parenting Apart Programme and the full team, focussed mine and my ex-partner’s intentions and energy on working through our challenges and recognising and living the huge benefits of doing so. Our parenting became so much better in ways I never thought it needed to, we saw the results this brought to our son’s health, happiness and well-being almost immediately after we started the programme.

Seeing our six-year-old Son flourish and show in various ways his increased sense of security, sense of feeling safe and happy in the situation of being parented by divorced parents i.e different homes, lifestyle choices, has made me personally feel so much more confident and happier in parenting. This undoubtedly makes me determined to continuously work on myself and my relationship with my ex-partner and the programme has enabled this for me.

We would not be here without the valuable support, guidance, advice and positive energy throughout the Parenting Apart Programme. Their passion and unwavering support to see us through the challenges and get us to a place of harmony, good communications and trust is second to none. I feel honoured and blessed to have found the resource of the Parenting Apart Programme, and her team.

This support system has been a lifeline for me and my family. I thank The Parenting Apart Programme and the team from the bottom of my heart. My wish is that it is made available to all families that need this help and that it is easily accessible. Children all deserve to live in happy and healthy, loving family units.”