Testimonial - Father

“I would just like to take to time to thank you for your involvement and the support of the Parenting Apart Programme in bringing my son and myself back together after a long time apart. I couldn’t be happier with the involvement and support from your programme, from the friendly approach to all the situations that arose to the information and advice that was much needed. I believe that by committing to the Parenting Apart Programme my son and myself had a stress free and enjoyable first meeting which lead to comfortable fun filled meetings that followed. By attending the Parenting Apart Programme and having the help, our situation reached a conclusion that supported my son, myself and his mother for this to happen.

I hope other parents like myself that are having similar issues, have to opportunity to use your services if they require them as I believe you and your team are working for the greater good the child’s needs

Thanks to practioner also! Every time I spoke with her on the phone she was extremely cheerful and warming, a pleasure to talk too. It was easy to keep track of forth coming contact days and my account statements, a big thumbs up.
Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks again”