Testimonial - Cafcass Family Court Advisor

“I would like to thank The Parenting Apart Programme practitioner for her hard work and commitment to this family. Without her professional and compassionate input, these parents would not have made the progress that they have been able to make.

The Parenting Apart Programme practitioner has been professional throughout and she has been reliable with her communication and updates to Cafcass regarding her work throughout the proceedings.

She has been able to develop a good working relationship with the parents and the children and has been honest with the parents regarding the impact of their behaviour and decisions on the children which have been crucial in helping them move forward and reach a compromise for their parenting plan.

I am very hopeful that with the continued assistance of The Parenting Apart Programme practitioner, this family will be able to manage and sustain the arrangements agreed in the final court order which is in the best interests of the children. It has been a pleasure working with you, thank you!”

Cafcass Family Court Advisor