Testimonial - Father

“I was recommended to The Parenting Apart Programme by a barrister when my situation with my family was at a very stressful time due to my wife and I separating following a big argument.

At the time I didn’t think there was anyone who could or would help and felt helpless and powerless and very concerned for my family and the impact this would have on my children due to the stresses in the relationship.

I mentioned the service to my wife at a time where we were simply not communicating effectively and I wanted to make sure the kids would not suffer.

From the very first meeting with Parenting Apart Programme practitioner, she put us both at ease, explained her role and how she would be involved and we trusted her totally with her recommendations and help she could offer.

She was empathetic, practical and put a plan in place that we were all happy with and importantly was putting the children’s interests at the forefront.

Her very nature of understanding our difficult situation but also being able to deal with it accordingly was a real lifesaver for our family.

The Parenting Apart Programme is not just another resource where money and time are wasted in such difficult circumstances; the Parenting Apart Programme is the real deal and cannot recommend the service highly enough to other families.

The Programme should be on the hot dial on every solicitor and social services phone directory. The Programme obviously costs money but in the long run, that money and stress are saved 100 times over.

The Parenting Apart practitioner commitments and willingness to help and structure our family plan will always be remembered and appreciated by me forever.

There are so many families in difficult situations like this that I am sure cannot afford these services and I feel the government should fund this service, I am sure there is a structure for this to happen effectively and for many more families to be able to benefit instead of going through courts and having a broken Britain with a vicious circle that seems to happen through generations with not the adequate help to minimise this.

Thank you.”