I would like to thank Anna King and her team at BBC Radio Gloucester for inviting myself and fellow guests last week to talk about the Parenting Apart Programme and for discussions around family breakdown, divorce and the impact it has emotionally on children. The Parenting Apart Programme is proving to be an excellent resource as an early intervention but also supporting high intensity levels of conflict when situation within the Family Court arena.

A massive thank you to parents, Indy and Kevin, who were able to give a clear insight to how valuable the Programme had been to them and their Son. Big thank you to my sister for sharing personal and difficult situations but gave an honest true account to our adverse childhood. Big thanks to Jack Henry from DF Legal, Cheltenham. You are all absolutely fabulous and I do really appreciate your support in my quest to help all families that need it (if we do not help the parents when needed then the children have no hope whatsoever).

Kind Regards,