We help parents work in the best interests of their children

Supporting parents and children through conflict, separation and divorce

The Parenting Apart Programme…

Tailored, personal and consistent support

The programme has been specifically designed to support parents, and the emotional wellbeing of children, going through conflict, separation or divorce. It offers unique and individual advice and support which enables the outcome to be positive and beneficial to the whole family whilst prioritising the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children.

  • An initial 4 or 6 week flexible programme.
  • One to one meetings to establish trust and develop a positive approach.
  • Joint meetings enables both parents to begin communicating together properly in a supportive environment.
  • Agreements jointly developed collaboratively that can be filed alongside Court orders.
  • Reviews and ongoing support to help you through the first steps of moving on.
  • Resident parent re-establishing parenting relationship with the non-resident parent.
  • Initial one to one meetings prior to entering the PAP can be held for an initial assessment.

An Alternative Form of Dispute Resolution

What is the difference between mediation and The PAP?

The PAP helps, supports and advises through strong impartial advice for the voice, wishes and feelings of the children of parents going through conflict, separation or divorce. The PAP enables you to communicate with input and advice about the children’s wellbeing and their emotional needs. Alongside this, the PAP helps facilitate any support outside the programme by helping to re-establish relationships between parents and children, supporting handovers between parents and reassuring children their parents are working to re-engage through supported active communication.

Mediation is to facilitate a venue to help parties reach a solution to their problems and to arrive at an outcome that both parties are happy to accept. Mediation does not give out advice.

Parent Working Agreements

We give tailored personal and consistent support, with a no-nonsense approach to help parents move forward together to develop a parent agreement. This way no-one is set up to fail and agreements remain in place.

Cost and Time

Our approach significantly reduces the time and cost that would be incurred through a traditional Court approach which could be up to £16k and 18 months in duration, or even more. Our timescales and lasting agreements dramatically reduce the trauma faced by the child caught up in the middle, by giving you the right in depth advice and support from the outset.

“…The work carried out by Claire Field was very important in helping to re-build the
relationship with my son. Claire very quickly identified the root cause of the relationship
breakdown and set to work trying to resolve it. Claire sensitively handled the emotions
of those involved but at the same time was direct in her approach to achieve the goal…”


Stourport on Severn

PAP Leaflet for Parents

PAP Leaflet for Professional Bodies

April 2016 Issue of Transitions Magazine

See page 34 of Transitions Magazine: Finally We Have a Resource for the Divorcing Family, for Claire’s article on the importance of How to stay being good parents when going through separation or divorce. The children love you both!

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