We help and support parents when they need it the most

We help parents work in the best interests of their children

Supporting parents and children through conflict, separation and divorce

Our Team

Claire Field

Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Claire Field is an expert social care consultant, whose previous roles include Managing Director of Contact Care UK Ltd. Claire has extensive experience of delivering the Separated Parents Information Programme. Claire recognised the programme’s limitations, and from her extensive experience, identified how to address the gaps to significantly improve outcomes. The result is the Parenting Apart Programme, an early intervention that prevents long-term negative impacts for children’s emotional health and wellbeing when their parents separate or divorce. The programme is unique in the UK. 

Kam Kaur

Parenting Apart Programme Consultant /Senior Social Worker Worker

Kam Kaur joined the company in October 2019 and has worked in various adult and children social care setting over the last 20 years. Kam is a qualified Social Worker and undertaken various therapeutic training to support children and parents.

They have come together to develop and promote the support for parents. They recognise there is a desperate lack of help to parents and too few early intervention available to consider, when parents are locked in conflict and unable to communicate well. Therefore children become the real ‘victims of divorce’, as there is clear evidence that children are not coping well with the emotional impact of the family breakdown process.

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