This time last week we were delivering our latest Parenting Apart Programme (PAP) Seminar. It was an opportunity for those attending to learn all about the PAP, how it should be seen as ‘another form of dispute resolution’ by those going through a family breakdown, and the solicitors who represent them.

What was interesting from those who came along was willingness to see that change in supporting families better is inevitable, especially in light of so much legal change and shifting in how far Mediation can go etc etc. Clearly the success of our PAP puts us in the right position going forward, but what about those families who do not know about the PAP and its effectiveness in re-establishing better working relationships for the betterment of and child/ren involved? The first point of contact…usually a family solicitor…should let their party be aware of the portals of support out there. We understand, its not always easy to do this, but what the Seminar’s do is to really educate how the PAP works, its value and how working together we really can make that difference between a family remaining in the Court system for years – at huge expense – or undergoing an initial 5week Programme to re-establish a new way forward for a family.

We too learn so much at our Seminar’s – we fully understand how challenging the legal sector is being pushed to the edge and how this can affect those on the front line working directly on behalf of families.

We were delighted to be joined at last week’s Seminar by Sue Starr and Sally Stokes who both come from such different professional backgrounds, yet both have such synergy with the PAP to ensure the ‘voice of the child’ is at the fore.

The Seminar also included the opportunity to discuss our upcoming Training Programme to commence in the New Year/2017 which will enable a Practitioner to offer their clients a choice between mediation/another form of dispute resolution.

In line with the Family Justice Review –

  • The children’s needs must always come first.
  • Parents to compile Parenting Agreements.
  • To deal with the everyday practical arrangements of looking after their children.
  • Supporting and encouraging their parents to discuss their arrangements in a safe environment.
  • Listening without taking sides and helping parents make decisions that work in the best interests of their children.


Our next Seminar is taking place soon so if this is of interest to you then please get in touch to register your interest here. Once everything is sorted we will be in touch with all the information and where it will be held for your convenience.


We want to leave you with a lovely joint Testimonial from a Mum and Dad who had found themselves in a really difficult situation where communications had completely broken down and how the Parenting Apart Programme helped them to get back on track…


Both my ex-partner and myself could not be more satisfied with the service and care from the Claire Field Consultancy team. Both our solicitor’s recommended the Parenting Apart Programme to us. Obviously both solicitors individually agreed that the Programme would be far better to us as parents to achieve the best outcomes for our children as another form of dispute resolution.

We had both stopped talking to each other and did not even communicate through text or email. This of course impacted on our two beautiful daughters. And due to the high conflict and acrimonious situation between ourselves, our children did not see their Father for nearly two months (a horrendous time for us all).

By us both committing to the Parenting Apart Programme it enabled us to receive the crucial support for us to come together jointly and start to talk and build bridges that had completely broken down (just what we needed). We have been able to form a good working parent relationship, and most importantly, it has enabled us to show our children that we can continue to do ‘this’ even after a very traumatic family breakdown.

Both myself and the girls Father are forever in gratitude for the Parenting Apart Programme in allowing us to continue and be good parents after separation and divorce. We highly recommend this Programme to all parents going through anything similar.

Mum and Dad



Main Image, L-R: Sue Starr, Sally Stokes, Claire Field, Stephen Taylor, Gemma Miller.