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Supporting parents who are going
through divorce or separation
where relationships have
broken down or in conflict

The voice of the child is at the heart of everything we do. The Parenting Apart Programme supports parents who are going through divorce or separation where relationships have broken down or in conflict. The unique structure of the programme has been created to centrally focus the minds of parents on the psychological needs of their children. It achieves this through a strengths-based, attachment-focused commitment to the prioritisation of the mental health and emotional well-being of children impacted by parental separation and divorce.

We achieve this through a core structured 4 week programme which enables parents to explore their family challenges, initially individually, (1 session each), and subsequently jointly, (3 sessions), learning how to communicate as parents, to form a respectful parent working relationship, that results in a Parent Working Agreement which both parents agree to abide by. This can be filed alongside any court order if relevant.

The Agreement details how the parents will work together to support the child’s wishes, emotional and physical wellbeing covering practical issues including transition of care, contact arrangements, residency, holidays, hand overs, and schooling. Parents retain responsibility for decision making related to their children’s futures, as opposed to court directed, third party decision making.

In addition to the core programme, our Parenting Apart Programme Practitioners are trained to support parents to practically overcome common challenges that arise after an agreement has been made. For example, they can attend the initial contact handover sessions with parents, role-modelling appropriate behaviour and language, involving children whenever appropriate.

Our Processes

Families can access the programme immediately at an accessible cost

The Parent Working Agreement developed can be filed with the Court.

The Parenting Apart Programme, offers a unique methodological approach in supporting parents to achieve a positive working relationship after a decision has been made to separate or divorce.

Our Partner Organisations

The United Kingdom’s Parenting Apart Programme has chosen OurFamilyWizard as its technology partner. This collaboration will enable Parenting Apart to more seamlessly refer families who enter the programme to use OurFamilyWizard’s leading co-parenting app.

One Hour Free Presentation

The Parenting Apart Programme is offering one hour free presentation to professionals, if you would like any further information please get in contact.