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OPEN MORNING – Wed 23 Nov 2016 – 10am-12pm

This Open Morning is your opportunity to meet the Claire Field Consultancy team who will be sharing information on how the Parenting Apart Programme (PAP) works.

The event is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Parenting Apart Programme (PAP) and how it can benefit not just your clients, but you as a professional.

Open Morning info is as follows:

DATE: Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

VENUE: The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, Worcester, WR1 3PD.

TIME: 10.00am-12.00pm.

COST: £60.00 per booking.


The Open Morning will also include the opportunity to discuss our upcoming Training Programme to commence in 2017 which will enable you as a Practitioner to offer your clients a choice between mediation/another form of dispute resolution.

In line with the Family Justice Review –

  • The children’s needs must always come first.
  • Parents to compile Parenting Agreements.
  • To deal with the everyday practical arrangements of looking after their children.
  • Supporting and encouraging their parents to discuss their arrangements in a safe environment.
  • Listening without taking sides and helping parents make decisions that work in the best interests of their children.


If you haven’t already done so, please book your place – the booking form is attached. Any question please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here or by calling the office on 01562 700447 – do leave a message on the machine if the office is busy and someone will contact you at the earliest.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Claire Field and Team.







CLAIRE FIELD – Founder of the Claire Field Consultancy and the Author of the Parenting Apart Programme

For those of you that have already met Claire, you will see first hand what a force she is. Her passion and enthusiasm in enabling families to function better after traumatic experiences such as separation or divorce. She has always advocated for the ‘voice of the child’ within these family breakdowns.

Following on from her own personal struggles as a young woman, Claire knew very early on that she wanted to support families and the child/ren that may be involved to create a new foundation from which all parties could work, communicate and thrive from. The Parenting Apart Programme was born and Claire has been spearheading this Programme from the front-line, working with those who need ‘another form of dispute resolution’ in their lives.

The Claire Field Consultancy has grown in reputation due to the sheer volume of successful cases that have either been referred to the Parenting Apart Programme, or through self-referral. This unique Programme is enabling families to break through entrenched issues that their legal representative, mediation or others have not been able to shift…and im many cases enabling families to exit the Court system all together.

Alongside growing and building the Parenting Apart Programme, Claire works tirelessly to advocate the Programme to cross section parties, government bodies, works across practice to provide a well rounded and more importantly, productive outcome for those involved.

You can follow Claire via her LinkedIn account.

Claire will also be delivering the upcoming ‘Open Morning’, listed previously.



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Till next time…have a great week.

Claire Field and Team.