Claire Field Has Been Invited To Meet The Children’s Minister Robert Goodwill On Tuesday 24th October 2017 to secure Improved Outcomes for Families.

Claire Field will be meeting with Robert Goodwill, Children’s Minister, in London on Tuesday 24th October 2017 to share her resolute conviction and dedication to the promotion and development of The Parenting Apart Programme. Claire will be joined by Sarah Morgan, a highly experienced education and children’s social care advisor, working closely with Claire alongside the development of the Training Programme to support growth, expansion and future development.
Claire’s passion and driving ambition is to provide increased and relevant support to children and families going through Family Breakdown, divorce or separation and high levels of parental conflict. The core principles of The Parenting Apart Programme which includes;

  1. An effective and robust model of practice
  2. Safeguards for children within families facing emotional challenge and upset
  3. A ‘whole-family’ approach to Improved emotional, physical, mental health and well-being
  4. Sustained and healthy parental relationships children and young adults
  5. Better communication and respectful family relationships

As a robust and evidence-based and already successful intervention The Parenting Apart Programme has been proven to be effective as an alternative to the Mediation process, and is also highly successful when running concurrently with and after Mediation. The programme offers an alternative form of Dispute Resolution for families going through conflict, divorce and separation. The Programme is completely child centric throughout.

The Parenting Apart Programme offers a unique methodological approach in supporting parents to achieve a positive working relationship, after a decision has been made to separate or divorce. It has been structured to focus the ‘parental-mind’ on the emotional well-being of children concerned, whilst appropriate parenting arrangements and agreements are reached, in support of positive whole-family outcomes. The programme has been designed with the core and central focus being placed upon the prioritisation of the emotional and physical wellbeing of each child to be considered.

As professionals, we recognise that Court proceedings can bring added trauma to already difficult and potentially conflicted situation. The Parenting Apart Programme aims to alleviate the often-excessive time delay, in which the non-resident parent and the child or children have no contact with each other, through our centrally held principles of a ‘child-first and centre’ approach.

The Programme provides a vehicle through which parents are enabled to come together and communicate together, in order to jointly create a more emotionally stable home environment for the child/children concerned. The emotional stability of the child is held centrally throughout all interaction with parents, as they work through the Working Parent Agreement. This reduces the risk of any significant and long lasting emotional harm to the child/children during any parental dispute or conflict.

The meeting between Claire Field and Robert Goodwill has been specifically scheduled to discuss The Parenting Apart Programme and its exceptional results for families as Another Form of Dispute Resolution and also prior to proceedings, during proceedings and after very traumatic contested hearings.

We are proud to be able to inform you that The Parenting Apart Programme has been awarded the nationally recognised CanParent Quality Mark from Family Lives in December 2016 following a rigorous assessment process. We can confidently say that we are the only consultancy in Hereford and Worcestershire to have achieved the Quality Mark. This award sets us apart from other organisations, giving assurance and confidence to parents and professionals, such as yourself, that the programme has been independently assessed for content, delivery and more importantly impact.

As the founder and ambassador of The Parenting Apart Programme, Claire is determined and fully committed to enabling more families to access and benefit from the Programme.

The Parenting Apart Programme is supported and endorsed by professionals and parents who truly believe that the Programme creates positive outcomes for children:

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, will also be attending the meeting with Claire Field and Robert Goodwill states that “This approach has brought parents who elect to live apart together for the purposes of raising their children in the best possible way following a separation. I know her expertise has won positive results for children out of what were very adverse family circumstances prior to Claire’s intervention.”

In support of the forthcoming meeting with Robert Goodwill we are collating an evidence-based portfolio to demonstrate the need, demand and success of the programme, and its fundamental requirement to be available to children and families going through the sadness, anxiety, uncertainty and heartbreak of family breakdown.

As a valued colleague, we are requesting your continued contribution and support for The Parenting Apart Programme ahead of our scheduled visit to London. Therefore, if you recognise the value and need for The Parenting Apart Programme please complete the attached Professionals Evaluation Form at your earliest convenience, and return it directly to

Your organisational and/or individual contribution will be collated as part of our portfolio of evidence which will be submitted directly to the Children’s Minister. A direct testimonial from your organisation in support of The Parenting Apart Programme, as an alternative form of dispute resolution, would also be welcomed.

Finally, we a have a Reciprocal Links page on our website for professionals who support the Programme and find it a useful resource for their clients as another form of Dispute Resolution. We encourage parents to visit our website to access organisations and professionals who support The Parenting Apart Programme whilst remaining impartial in the process. If you would like to join our Reciprocal Link please do not hesitate to send us a paragraph about your company, your logo and your contact details, and please let us know if you require anything from us in return.

We confidently confirm that with our drive, passion and total commitment The Parenting Apart Programme must become a National resource in order to look after and protect the children of our Future and achieve the better outcomes that we all aspire to in our working profession.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of The Parenting Apart Programme and for supporting us on this next and important stage of our development. If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Kind Regards,
Claire Field and the Team