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We help parents work in the best interests of their children

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How we help parents…
The Parenting Apart Programme wants to make a positive difference for children. We believe that parents play an irreplaceable role in the lives of their children. This is because parents provide the fundamental role of support, nurturance, and guidance for their children. 

This vital relationship positively impacts a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There is strong evidence that children are likely to have better health, social and communication skills, achieve higher grades in education if they have parents who are sensitive to their needs and emotions. 

As a parent you have the right and responsibility to maintain a strong involvement in your child/ren lives. We understand that separation and divorce can be a challenging and upsetting time for all involved. Do not allow the legal process to take your parental right away and let professionals decide how you should be parenting your child/ren.

We know that majority of the parents we have supported love their children. We also know when parents are in conflict it becomes harder for adults to think about the child/ren. The relationship has ended between the adults, but your role as parents has not stopped. That is why parents need to get help, especially when communication has broken down or if your child/ren is not having time with the non-resident parent. 

How we can help

We want to help you to become the best parents for your child/ren even when you live apart. We offer the following support to parents: 

  • Free 30 minute telephone consultation – This will be with a Parenting Apart Consultant to discuss your circumstances and give you advice on what support you can access.  We offer a safe and confidential space to talk through your concerns. There are various types of support available to parents.  It is important that you access the right service/support to ensure that you can start to co-parent your child/ren.
  • Improved communication skills for parents.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety; relief from anxiety and depression; improved mental health and emotional wellbeing; and reduced isolation for both parents and children.
  • Financial and time savings to parents of avoiding full court process, with associated stress-reduction circa £20,000.
  • Reduced length of time that a non-resident parent has no contact with their child, which in a court process is typically up to 18 months.



How do we assure quality?

  • This class can be relied on by parents to make a positive difference, is evidence-based, and is monitored and evaluated to improve parent/child relationships.
  • Parents can rely on the integrity of this class provider, its professional conduct, competence, financial and governance systems, and data protection/confidentiality, to ensure suitability to deliver a class.
  • This class is recommended by other parents.
  • This class is responsive, warm and relational, engaging with parents and builds on these effective relationships to meet their needs.

How can we help?

Direct Face to Face or Virtual Sessions

Supported Contact 

Parenting Working Agreement

Families Under Pressure

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) King’s College London, South London and Maudsley (SLaM) NHS Foundation Trust and Maudsley Charity have worked together to create a series of films to help families struggling under the pandemic.

During this stressful and cooped-up time, don’t let the pressure of parenting get you down. Try these simple tips and tricks, formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts, which are backed by science and proven to work with families.

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