We help and support parents when they need it the most

We help parents work in the best interests of their children

Supporting parents and children through conflict, separation and divorce

How we help parents…
  • Initial consultation – establishing the best route for you and your family through a supported environment for parents to come together and re-engage communications.
  • To support both parents to form a respectful parent working relationship.
  • Contact centre – supervised or supported which can be in the home or out and about, centre based if needed. 7 days a week.
  • Handovers – facilitating handovers between parents.
  • Transport – help with transporting and collecting children between parents.
  • Court reports – providing overviews of Parent Working Agreements for ratification by the Court, summaries and recommendations for the Courts consideration for future contact arrangements.

Supported & Supervised Contact


7 days a week, centre based, in the home or out and about. Full Department of Health assessment and recordings. Fully qualified staff.

Parent Working Agreement


From the initial consultation through to carrying out the arrangements we help you every step of the way to commit and agree to working agreements that help both parents understand their responsibilities for practical arrangements for the child/ren.

Parenting Apart Programme


A unique programme that supports parents to communicate and form a respectful relationship whilst prioritising the emotional wellbeing of the child/ren. The programme reduces emotional trauma, reduces costs and lengthy Court proceedings to put in place a lasting parenting agreement that both parties agree to. This will detail all contact arrangements, including times, duration, frequency and places.

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