“…a truly great experience to meet with the Children’s Minister…”

Claire Field, Sarah Morgan and Paul Ross met with Robert Goodwill, the Children’s Minister, on Wednesday 25th October 2017 with the support of Claire’s local MP Margot James.

We really need to help children stuck in the middle of family breakdown; the emotional, physical and mental harm it causes is catastrophic. To help children we really need to help the parents, if we cannot get them into a better place and to take back their responsibility, then the children have no hope at all.

With hands on help, guidance and support through the Parenting Apart Programme it helps parents change their mind-set and start to form a Parent Working relationship with respect for one another.

The Parenting Apart Programme can offer a solution with compelling results. Claire Field is totally committed and truly passionate to help children that need a voice and she is determined to continue to be that voice until it is heard.

Please share and raise awareness for the Parenting Apart Programme and let us all support getting the parents to take back their responsibility. Parents need to know that there is support if it is needed and that it is ok to ask for help; we are all human beings who need support when circumstances change dramatically.

Claire Field commented after her meeting “it was a truly great experience to meet with the Children’s Minister and to have the opportunity of entering Parliament. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as we left!”