We are delighted to announce that Claire Field Consultancy is now able to offer CPD accredited training days, workshops and bespoke in-house training for external organisations.

The training days, workshops and bespoke external training packages would suit any professional working within the family and Social Care industry who have a desire to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the complex emotional and physical needs of children and families going through conflict, separation and divorce.

The first training day being held by Claire Field Consultancy will focus on Autism Spectrum Conditions including Aspergers, which will be facilitated by Jan Harris M.Ed., Masters in Special Education, Autism.

Since the introduction of the Autism Act, 2010, there is a mandatory and moral obligation to support people with Autism. To meet the requirements of current legislation and facilitate support, the day’s training will provide delegates with a unique insight into a person’s world with Autism.

The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Recognising the signs and understanding the characteristics of Autism – behaviours, attitudes and emotions
  • Strategies to support adults and children with Autism, who are going through a period of change, including managing their anxieties and stresses, especially through family breakdown
  • Adapting methods of communication and the difference this can make
  • Sensory processing differences and the possible impact on mental health
  • Awareness of support, resources and networks that are able to help those who need it most

Jan Harris has over 20 years’ experience of working with children and families who are affected by Autism, learning difficulties and disabilities. Previously, Jan has worked as Learning and Development Specialist for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, training and delivering accredited qualifications to health and Social Care professionals who work with children and adults. She has also trained and advised on safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, mental health and Positive Behaviour Support. Jan currently works as an independent Autism/Asperger trainer and consultant for various organisations, in addition to supporting foster carers and families. She is also employed as a Specialist Mentor at the University of Birmingham supporting autistic students who require specialist academic assistance.

During the session, the delegate will have the option of formulating an action plan having identified ways of improving practice. With a greater understanding and confidence to apply practical strategies; agencies, practitioners and professionals will be able to offer a unique and bespoke service for those on the autistic spectrum, ensuring inclusivity; prioritising emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the Social Care industry.


For further information regarding this training day or to discuss bespoke in-house training needs please contact the Claire Field Consultancy team on 01562 700 447 or visit here.