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Supporting parents and children through conflict, separation and divorce

After Care

Most parents that commit to our programme make joint decisions to attend review meetings which can also be in a much more informal setting (the home environment, a coffee house) and this also allows the parents to know and feel supported.

We can’t thank The Parenting Apart Programme enough for all the hard work they have done. Claire worked with my son to help him with contact with his father.

She was the only person to
actually listen to what my son was saying, the Courts never seemed to bother. She made
a tailor made contact plan for him going at a pace that was suitable for him and his
needs not a generic pace that people think it should be.

She was with my son every step
of the way making sure he was happy and never made him do anything he didn’t want
to. She never once set him up to fail, everything that happened was because he wanted
it to rather than being told to.


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