About Us

We help and support parents
when they need it the most

We support the Government’s aim for Every Child to have the best possible start in life.

Our core values are based upon the belief:

Parents are also expected to have a close, healthy relationship with their children and to make them happy and give them every advantage in life. Therefore children have a right to be raised by, or have a relationship with, their parents, even when the parent relationship has ended. We believe that by helping parents cope well during this difficult emotional time we will be helping the child/ren.

Children whose parents do not fulfill either of these roles, even though they are physically present, can experience severe emotional conflicts and in some cases into adulthood.

We improve the mental health, emotional and physical wellbeing of children by supporting parents to focus on the needs of children experiencing family breakdown.

Parents who attend our programme would benefit with from guidance, advice and support on how to work successfully towards co-parenting beyond the divorce process.

Key components of our approach: