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‘I simply attendedthe seminar to support the program itself. The program has already been sold to me and I always refer my children matter cases onto the program. Upon parents separating there can be many issues that need to be dealt with. This can include divorce, where parties are to live, how the assets are to be divided and of course, arranging the care for the children. In an emotional time, already fraught relationships can worsen when discussing any of these issues but I find that arrangements for children bring out the greatest of emotions.

I find it extremely comforting to know, when considering the child arrangements, that the Parenting Apart Program exists as I can refer my Client’s onto the program knowing that I am dealing with experts within the field. The program provides the best opportunity for parents to come to an agreement over childcare without requiring the assistance of the Court’.

The above paragraph is sincerely meant.

Daniel Williams.

Morgan & Co Solicitors
I attended a recent seminar delivered by Claire and her team where they shared their enthusiasm and passion for the Parenting Apart Programme.
This Programme demonstrates Claire’s ability to see the consequences of issues affecting families going through separation and divorce and to consider innovative ways to support them to minimise the impact on the emotional wellbeing of the children involved.  It is so important that all professionals recognise that although it is inevitable that separation and divorce will have some impact on the outcomes for a child, it is the conflict that is the most damaging. 
In my opinion, it is crucial that an understanding of the process of separation and the factors that influence this, are needed, if ways are to be found of optimising the chances that children experiencing the separation of their parents, will emerge with more life chances and better outcomes. Claire’s vision is for all professionals, including teachers and family lawyers, to be educated in this process in order to provide early intervention and on-going support to families to avoid conflict where ever possible, and therefore minimise the impact of separation and divorce. 
I consider that the Parenting Apart Programme is crucial because without education for parents and professionals alike, targeted and relevant support will not be given which will have a social impact in the future.
Jan Harris MEd (Autism Specialist)
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