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Thank you to everyone who came along to the last Open Morning of 2016 last week. We met some really interesting people who are mediators, solicitors, family support practitioners and educators, all wanting to get to know more about our Parenting Apart Programme and how our future Training Programme could benefit their business and ultimately give their clients another form of dispute resolution mechanism.

As a team we thoroughly enjoy meeting new people all the time, and even more so when they in turn are so open in sharing their experiences on the current systems in place by which they work within and how our Parenting Apart Programme could help them and their clients enormously.

If you do want to know more on the Parenting Apart Programme please see our website or get in touch with your questions.



WORKING WITH FAMILIES – How We Provide Flexible Support


We are always keen to explore ways of being as flexible in supporting parents/families who we are working with, especially as our Parenting Apart Programme, although is structured, we do have to approach each case with huge levels of flexibility.

With families at the core of our relationship, we take on board their direct feedback and comments to always improve how we can work with them. We can identify and demonstrate our flexibility as follows:

  • If a parent has access issues, we find a suitable, yet neutral venue to meet.
  • Should English be a barrier, we can implement interpreter support to all our meetings and with all subsequent needs such as Court meetings and paperwork.
  • Most parents are working so meeting them during working hours is not always achievable – we plan our sessions which can also include evening and weekend meetings.
  • We are responsive to any additional support that ‘surfaces’ during our sessions by signposting to appropriate practitioners or agencies. This could include drug, alcohol, substance misuse or mental health support.
  • We feel it is also our duty to ensure the voice of the child is central to all we do so at any time there is the need to be meeting with a child, it is done by following all legal channels accordingly, communicating this to both parents, ensuring another ‘witness’ or both parents are present (where applicable) and everything is communicated to the child in an appropriate manner ensuring they feel empowered throughout.


Our ultimate goal with any family we support is to ensure clear communication so they come out the other end of the Programme with a clear working strategy for their family to move forward, separately as parents or otherwise.

If there are any access needs you or your clients may have these should not become a barrier to moving forward so please do not hesitate in talking to us – we are here to support.




We wanted to share this fantastic video which when you see it is talking from ‘the voice of the child’ and ‘good practice’ being the bottom line key to making real and meaningful change for families going through divorce, conflict or separation.






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